Function Name: CHROUT/BSOUT

Purpose: OUtput to channel
Call address: $FFD2 (hex) 65490 (decimal)

	Registers:	.A = character
	Memory:		system map
	Flags:		none
	Calls:		CHKOUT (if necessary)
	Registers:	.A = error code (if any)
	Memory:		STATUS, RSSTAT updated
	Flags:		.C = 1 if error

Description: CHROUT (alias BSOUT) writes the character in .A to the current output device (DFLTO $9A). Output to devices other than the screen (the default output device) must be OPENed and CKOUTed. The character is written to the output buffer associated with the current output channel:

  1. Cassette data is put a character at a time into the cassette buffer at $B00, with tape blocks being written when necessary.
  2. RS-232 data is put a character at a time into the RS-232 output buffer at $D00, waiting until there is room if necessary.
  3. Serial data is passed to CIOUT, which buffers one character and sends the previous character.
  4. Screen data is put into screen RAM at the current cursor position.
  5. Keyboard output is illegal.
The path to CHROUT is through an indirect RAM vector at $326. Applications may therefore provide their own CHROUT procedures or supplement the system's by redirecting this vector to their own routine.


	LDA	#character
	JSR	$FFD2		;output a character