Function Name: DLCHR

Purpose: Initialize 80-column character RAM
Call address: $FF62 (hex) 65378 (decimal)

	Registers:	none
	Memory:		system map
	Flags:		none
	Calls:		none
	Registers:	.A used
			.X used
			.Y used
	Memory:		8563 character RAM initialized
	Flags:		none

Description: DLCHR (alias INIT80) is an Editor utility to copy the VIC character definitions from ROM ($D000-$DFFF, bank 14) to 8563 display RAM ($2000-$3FFF, local to 8563-not in processor address space). The 8 by 8 VIC character cells are padded with nulls ($00) to fill out the 8 by 16 8563 character cells. Refer to Chapter 10 in Commodore 128 Programmers Reference Guide, Programming the 80-Column (8563) Chip for details concerning the 8563 font layout.


	JSR	$FF62	;initialize 8563 char. defns.