C128 User Callable KERNAL Routines

ACPTR / IECIN $FFA565445Serial - byte input RDTIM $FFDE65502Read internal clock
CHKIN $FFC665478Set input channel READST$FFB765463Read I/O status byte
CHKOUT$FFC965481Set output channel RESTOR$FF8A65418Initialize Kernal indirects
CHRIN / BASIN $FFCF65487Input from channel SAVE $FFD865496Save to file
CHROUT / BSOUT$FFD265490Output to channel SCNKEY$FF9F65439Scan keyboard
CIOUT / IECOUT $FFA865448Serial - byte output SCRORG$FFED65517Get current screen window size
CINT $FF8165409Initialize screen editor and devices SECOND$FF9365427Serial - send SA after LISTEN
CLALL $FFE765511Close all channels and files SETLFS$FFBA65466Set channel LA, FA, SA
CLOSE $FFC365475Close logical file SETMSG$FF9065424Kernal messages on/off
CLRCHN$FFCC65484Restore default channels SETNAM$FFBD65469Set filename pointers
GETIN $FFE465508Read buffered data SETTIM$FFDB65499Set internal clock
IOBASE$FFF365523Reads base address of I/O block SETTMO$FFA265442(reserved)
IOINIT$FF8465412Initialize system I/O STOP $FFE165505Scan stop key
LISTEN$FFB165457Serial - send listen command TALK $FFB465460Serial - send talk
LOAD $FFD565493Load from file TKSA $FF9665430Serial - send SA after TALK
MEMBOT$FF9C65436Set/read bottom of system RAM UDTIM $FFEA65514Increment internal clock
MEMTOP$FF9965433Read/set top of system RAM UNLSN $FFAE65454Serial - send unlisten
OPEN $FFC065472Open logical file UNTLK $FFAB65451Serial - send untalk
PLOT $FFF065520Read/set cursor position VECTOR$FF8D65421Initialize or copy indirects
RAMTAS$FF8765415Init RAM and buffers

New C128 KERNAL Routines

BOOT CALL $FF5365363Boot load program from disk JSRFAR $FF6E65390Gosub in another bank
C64MODE $FF4D65357Reconfigure system as a C64 LKUPLA $FF5965369Search table for given LA
CLOSE ALL $FF4A65354Close all files on a device LKUPSA $FF5C65372Search tables for given SA
DLCHR $FF6265378Init 80-col character RAM PFKEY $FF6565381Program a function key
DMA CALL $FF5065360Send command to DMA device PHOENIX $FF5665366Init function cartridges
GETCFG $FF6B65387Lookup MMU data for given bank PRIMM $FF7D65405Print Immediate utility
INDCMP $FF7A65402CMP (cmpvec),Y to any bank SETBNK $FF6865384Set bank for I/O operations
INDFET $FF7465396LDA (fetvec),Y from any bank SPIN SPOUT $FF4765351Setup fast serial ports for I/O
INDSTA $FF7765399STA (stavec),Y to any bank SWAPPER $FF5F65375Switch between 40 and 80 columns
JMPFAR $FF7165393Goto another bank

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